Pumpkin Carving

How is there only a WEEK left of October? Things I'm going to miss: Watching Hocus Pocus on repeat while sipping on one of my new favorite hot drinks (Russian Tea Refresher. So bad. But so good!), pumpkin patches, Idaho's gorgeous fall trees and sweater weather. Things I won't miss: The Halloween Advent Calendar. Why did I buy an elf on the shelf you ask? Because I'm straight up mental. Ha!

I decided to carve pumpkins with Jolie for our family night activity. We (I) carved three of the smaller pumpkins and we're saving the other two for Nana and Pa. Because #momwasntabouttocarvefivepumpkinsbyherself. At first, Jolie said "I don't want to get durty," but she slowly started to touch the seeds and guts very gently with her index finger once I started scooping the guts into the bowl. It wasn't long before she was wrist deep into pumpkin guts. I love how excited she's getting for all things festive!

Me: What did you like most about carving pumpkins?
Jolie: It's slimmyyy!

She even mentioned pumpkin carving in her prayer tonight!


Easter 2017

Magnolia | Waco, Texas

Alicia's Wedding

We took a trip down south to Louisiana over Easter weekend for my sister in laws wedding. She had the wedding at the cutest little chapel and as soon as we left I realized I didn't get pictures of the chapel, bride and bridal party. It was a beautiful wedding and the reception was lots of fun. I was sad when the night ended. 


Jolie's Second Birthday

I had the hardest time this year deciding on a theme for Jolie's Second Birthday Party. I was going to do a Bear theme (she loves Masha & the Bear) at first, but decided to do a puppy party since she's always asking to see the "gogs" when we FaceTime family members. She really does love dogs and Robby and I go back and forth all the time on whether or not we should get a puppy. Last time I got a pet, I got pregnant. So maybe we should get a puppy :)

I added some fun facts about Jolie on the back of our Minted birthday invites for family and friends to read, so I thought adding them here would be great too, since this is kinda like my journal (my journal that I never write in haha). We also have some facts to add since I created these invites a couple months ago. Funny, I was so prepared with invites but didn't feel prepared with party planning. I did get to spend more time with her because of how simple everything was, which was nice. 

I already have a theme picked out for next year which I'm sooo excited about. Gotta enjoy the days when I get to choose the theme, right? Because heaven help me if she ever decides to have a Frozen party. 

I LOVE: Mommy & Daddy, Play Doh, My choo-choo roller coaster I got from Santa, My kitchen set, Bath Time, Rapunzel, Moana, Parks (slides and swings) and animals. Especially "gogs." 

I DISLIKE: Showers, Milk (although she's liking chocolate milk), when someone cries, playing by myself. 

FAVORITE FOOD: Egg Sandwich, Pasta (She loves pasta and butter), Chex Cereal, Pizza, Grilled Cheese, Opicle (popsicle), Yogurt, Fruit, Parmesan Cheese, Ranch dressing, anything sweet and Juice. 

FAVORITE MOVIES: Monters Inc., Finding Nemo (Omnee), Frozen, Polar Express, Moana, Pets and Toy Story. I also like to watch Blippi, Dave & Ava, Super Why!, toy unboxing and egg surprises on Youtube (if mommy could add an emoji, it would be the monkey covering eyes emoji). 

I CAN SAY: My Animal Sounds, Sorry, please, you're welcome, I'm tired, Daddy's at work, where go?, what you doing?, I guess (this kid is hilarious!) My prayers (with help) and say Amen. Note: She is talking in full sentences now. I'm surprised how well she can hold a conversation. 

I CAN: Point to my body parts, Count to 10!, I know the colors- Pink, Red, Gray, Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Green, Orange (she says Oranges), Purple and Brown. I know my shapes, I count to three and throw the ball.