22 Weeks

(I was at my parents house for Christmas, so I wasn't able to take my 22 week picture by my gold heart)
HOW FAR: 22 Weeks 2 days
BABY IS THE SIZE OF A: Papaya. Baby girl is a whole pound!!!!   
MATERNITY CLOTHES: I bought some Jessica Simpson maternity jeans which fit really well, but after wearing them for a day I realized how much I love leggings.
SLEEP: It's okay. I'm a stomach sleeper, so I'm just trying to get use to laying on my sides. My hips get sore so I'm constantly switching sides.   
MOVEMENT: Yes!! I'm obsessed with feeling her move. I smile and laugh every time she does. My mom and dad both THINK they felt her :) It's hard for others to see, but I've been able to see little movements from the outside. As soon as I bust out my phone to record.. she STOPS moving! Little miss stubborn ;) 
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Christmas!!! Spending time with my family.
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Probably me crying 39473.5 times on Christmas day. I was sooooo emotional yesterday. 
FOOD CRAVINGS: This week I would have to say fruit, veggies and home cooked meals. My mouth is watering right now, because I can smell the ham cooking in the oven.
AM I SHOWING: Oh yea! Look at the second picture above.. don't I look pointy?! 
SYMPTOMS: My lower back has been hurting like crazy and I've been so emotional. I cried the other day because I was getting ready to run errands with my mom and dad and my dad joked saying I couldn't come and I just started sobbing. He felt SO bad! I think it's hilarious ;) 
STRETCH MARKS: Nope! Don't get me wrong.. I don't want stretch marks, but I also don't care if they decide to show up. I get a pretty awesome reward at the end of all this that will make up for it all. 
HAPPY OR MOODY: I'm emo right now.  
LOOKING FORWARD TO: New Year's & I CAN'T WAIT to have Robby home. 
NURSERY: I haven't gotten anything else yet for the nursery. Robby and I will probably get the dresser and a ceiling lamp when he comes home. He will also paint and set-up the crib. I'm sooo excited!!!!


21 Weeks

HOW FAR: 21 Weeks
BABY IS THE SIZE OF A: Pomegranate. Isn't a banana longer than a pomegranate?! Enough with the fruit comparisons haha.. Baby is approximately 10.5 inches and 12.7oz.  
MATERNITY CLOTHES: Same ol' answer... still wearing my black maternity leggings and my regular tops/sweaters.   
SLEEP: Sleeping good.  
MOVEMENT: Yup! It's weird because I don't feel her move ALL night (maybe I'm just unaware most of the time because I'm knocked out) but as soon as I wake up I feel her kick and move around. 
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Feeling her move as I listened to this song and Clair de Lune. Gosh, I love her!
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Probably realizing that Christmas is almost a week away and I have done NOTHING. I HAVE been thinking and pondering a lot more about the TRUE meaning of Christmas. 
FOOD CRAVINGS: I don't really crave much. Still loving salads but that's about it.
AM I SHOWING: Yes! I can't wait to get bigger. I'm crazy. I know. 
SYMPTOMS: My back has been hurting a lot more and in places it never hurt before. Emotional, headaches, constipation, boobs hurt more when I lay down and then get up and I'm still always hungry. 
STRETCH MARKS: No, but I have been itching! Scares me :/ I've been rubbing my Burt's Bees belly butter on like crazy.
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Decorating a gingerbread house with the family. We each have our own and we are all competitive, so you know what that means, right? Gingerbread house competition! I'm also looking forward to making Christmas sugar cookies. I bought Alison's cookie party online course and I'm super excited to try her sugar cookie and royal icing recipe. Maybe, finally, I can make some cookies worth handing out to neighbors :p
NURSERY: My parents bought us a crib so I've been looking online for mattresses. Again, suggestions would be great!  

Also, people have been asking if we have a name for baby girl. We do, but we've decided to wait till she's born to announce it. Gotta keep something a secret, right? ;) 


20 Weeks

HOW FAR: 20 Weeks 1 day -HALFWAY THERE-
BABY IS THE SIZE OF A: Banana and weighs 12oz.
MATERNITY CLOTHES: I've been living in maternity leggings and my regular tops/sweaters.  
SLEEP: Sleeping good except for the 4 a.m. bathroom trips.  
MOVEMENT: YES!!! I think she flipped completely around the other night (Monday) which made me smile BIG. I'm addicted to feeling her move. Whenever I drink water, I feel little flutters, so you know I've been chugging that water like crazy.
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: I loved feeling her flip around. I'll never forget it! 
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Probably just freaking out when I don't feel the baby move as much. It's been a pretty good week otherwise.
GENDER: The tech checked again today.. she's definitely a GIRL!!!
FOOD CRAVINGS: This week I've been craving pretzels with cheese dip and I've also been craving a nice juicy filet. Texas Roadhouse here I come!
SYMPTOMS: Lower back pain, getting sick about once a week, constipation, headaches, some cramping, my boobs are hurting more in the morning and I always seem to be hungry. Trying not to over eat though.
HAPPY OR MOODY: Happy & emotional. Pregnant women can be happy one moment and then cry the next. Or is that just me?!
LOOKING FORWARD TO: CHRISTMAS!!! I love this time of year.
NURSERY: I got the rug yesterday and we're going to purchase the crib soon. I've also been doing research on strollers, rockers and car seats.. so please, if you have any suggestions please share. There's so many to choose from.. it can get a little overwhelming.  

20 Week Selfie


19 Weeks

HOW FAR: 19 Weeks 1 day
BABY IS THE SIZE OF A: Zucchini (Approximately 6 in, .5lbs) 
MATERNITY CLOTHES: Bought another pair of black maternity leggings and still wearing my regular tops/sweaters. 
SLEEP: Sleeping great thanks to my bump nest pillow. I'm obsessed with that thing.
MOVEMENT: Yes! She moves more after I drink juice, lots of water and after I eat breakfast. 
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Spending Thanksgiving week with family from out of town. Why did that week go by so fast? It was also nice seeing Robby's brother and his family for their baby blessing. My sister in laws family was so nice and welcoming. And the rolls her sister in law makes.. OH MY!!! I'm craving one right now!!! Best rolls I've EVER had. I also loved going to Kohl's with my mom to buy some baby clothes.
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Saying bye to family :(
GENDER: Girl!!!
MISS ANYTHING: Eh, not really. 
FOOD CRAVINGS: THOSE ROLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *I just drooled on my brother's desk* & cereal.
ANYTHING MAKE YOU QUEASY: Not really. I just get sick when I have an empty stomach.   
SYMPTOMS: Back pain, still getting sick 2-3 times a week, constipation, headaches, some cramping and this is so weird, but I get this tingling feeling mostly at night (going to be blunt here) starting from my crotch all the way down to my feet. Has this happened to anyone else? It doesn't hurt but it's annoys the heck out of me!  
HAPPY OR MOODY: Happy. When I'm hungry you better feed me or I'll bite your head off.. ;)
LOOKING FORWARD TO: My 20 week appointment. I can't believe I'm almost halfway there!
NURSERY: My mom bought me four spice racks from Ikea that we spray painted and will use for book shelves. I also bought some books for baby girl from Barnes & Noble. They were on sale + FREE shipping for Black Friday. I got one of these letters from Anthro and I'm thinking of buying the rug here soon. 

Sending kisses to daddy!
 We love you, honey.


17 Mile House Farm Park

My mom was so sweet to take time out of her busy Saturday to snap some pictures of Robby and I over at 17 Mile House Farm Park for our Christmas pictures. I ordered our Christmas pictures last night, but didn't end up using any of the pictures we took. Robby's eyes were watering a lot from the sun and my hair........ my hair is in need of some dye. When is it okay for pregnant women to dye their hair?! Even though we didn't end up using any of these for Christmas cards, I still wanted to post them more for my memory. This is the only journal I have after all.
Thanks a bunch mom for taking them. 
You're the best!


18 Weeks

HOW FAR: 18 Weeks
BABY IS THE SIZE OF A: Sweet Potato 
MATERNITY CLOTHES: Still wearing regular clothes and my maternity leggings.
SLEEP: Sleeping good. I have had pillows surrounding me which helps, but I should be getting my bump nest pillow today. The things pregnant women get excited for.. ;)
MOVEMENT: Feeling movement more each day. 
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: I had a dream the other night we went to another 3D ultrasound. Baby girl was bigger and had more baby fat on her. She had the most kissable, fullest lips I have ever seen. My brother said in the dream, "looks like she won't ever need lip injections!" haha.. Don't ask! My dreams are out there, but I LOVED it!
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Still missing my dog. We got her paw print yesterday and my brother found a couple pieces of her hair baked into the clay :(
GENDER: Girl!!!
FOOD CRAVINGS: Haven't really been craving anything specific. I just love food in general right now.
AM I SHOWING: Yes, and I love it! 
SYMPTOMS: I got sick 7 TIMES the other day. I was ready to grab my blanket and pillow and lay on the bathroom floor. Also, my boobs have been hurting again and my lower back has been killing me.  
STRETCH MARKS: No! Robby did scare me a couple weeks ago because he said "oh you have a stretch mark already." I was like "noooo... it's from my clothes. Right? Oh gosh, Robby it better not be." Yesterday I was dressing and he saw my stomach and said, "I guess that wasn't a stretch mark!" Maybe I should add salt to his pecan pie instead of sugar.. ;) hahaha jk. 
HAPPY OR MOODY: My emotions have been all over. Happy, sad, worried, moody, happy again, sad again, worried again.. I'm sure you get it!
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Stuffing my face tomorrow!!! Being pregnant around this time is SO much fun. I am also looking forward to decorating the nursery. I have some ideas and items saved on my iPad.. :)


17 Weeks

HOW FAR: 17 Weeks 2 Days
BABY IS THE SIZE OF A: Turnip (whatever that is!)
SLEEP: Haven't been sleeping well this week. I did purchase this pregnancy pillow with the Dottie pillow case. Can't wait to get it!
MOVEMENT: Feeling more movement in the morning when my stomach is empty.
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Finding out baby Magee is a GIRL!!! That appointment was so fun and he checked the sex twice for us just to make sure.
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Our family dog of 13 years passed away the day we found out the gender (11/18/14). We went to my parents with a bag full of baby gap clothes so they could open it to find out the gender that way. My mom opened the bag and they all found out the babes was a girl, but afterwards my dad informed us about Kiddie and how she couldn't get up. Long story short, we took her to the vet and the doc said she had a tumor which she was 70% sure was cancer and also said she was bleeding internally. I freaking miss my dog so much! We've had her since I was in my teens. Wish I could give her one more hug and kiss :(
GENDER: GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FOOD CRAVINGS: Haven't really been craving much. I have been eating a lot of Italian food and could eat a salad for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
SYMPTOMS: I've been feeling pretty good. I have been getting tired during the day again and my back has been hurting a lot more. I'm also feeling a little crampy as I type this.. probably the uterus stretching..? 
STRETCH MARKS: Nope! I did buy some Burt's Bees belly butter and Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil.
HAPPY OR MOODY: Happy but have moments when I cry like a baby. I miss my dog.. :(
LOOKING FORWARD TO: My cousin coming out to visit with her little family and THANKSGIVING!!!!!! I can't wait to get my grub on.. :p


IT'S A....



16 Weeks

We are finding out the sex next week, so I thought it would be fun to add the good ol' gender predictions to the blog. I don't believe any of this but thought it would be fun.
 Baby's heartbeat: ABOVE or BELOW 140? 
Headaches: MORE or LESS
Cravings: SWEET or SALTY
Sleeping on: LEFT or RIGHT
Skin: SOFT or DRY
Morning Sickness: YES or NO
Feet temperature: COLD or SAME
Heartburn: YES or NO?
Spoon & Fork test: SPOON or FORK?
Chinese Calendar: GIRL
Baking soda test: GIRL
Clumsy: MORE or LESS?
Wedding Ring: BOY
 Mayan Calendar: Two ways online..

1.) Add your age at conception and the year you conceived. 
Odd numbers are boys, even numbers are girls.
3+1+2+0+1+4= 11= BOY

2.) Take the mother's age at conception and the year of conception. If both are even or both are odd, it's a girl. If one is even and one is odd it's a boy. 
31/2014= BOY (one odd, one even)
My doctor leaning towards: BOY
Ultrasound tech leaning towards: GIRL
Mommy thinks: BOY
Daddy thinks: BOY
BOY: 12

HOW FAR: 16 Weeks
MATERNITY CLOTHES: Bought some leggings at Target, but I'm going to get a couple more from the gap. 
SLEEP: Sleeping great! 
MOVEMENT: Feeling a little movement. Especially when I'm hungry!
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Seeing the baby at our last ultrasound. She was trying to figure out the gender for us, but the babes was being stubborn. Already giving us attitude ;) We were going to wait to find out the sex until our 20 week appointment, but Robby won't be here.. so I made an appointment to get a 3D/4D ultrasound on Tuesday November 18th. I CAN'T WAIT to find out the sex! We will reveal the sex to our family on Thanksgiving day. Hopefully I can keep my mouth zipped.
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Again, has nothing to do with the baby, but we had to drop off our Rubicon to get the hail damage fixed. I'm really missing our Jeep. Especially in this snow!
GENDER PREDICTION: I'm still saying boy but I really don't have a clue guys. I feel horrible for not having a feeling like some moms do, but this babe has been tricking us. I really don't care either way! I've been waiting way too long for this baby to come to be picky about the sex.
MISS ANYTHING: I miss bacon, deli meat and hot dogs.
FOOD CRAVINGS: I could go for a Chipotle burrito and some chips and queso dip right about now.. and a Pepsi! :p 
ANYTHING MAKE YOU QUEASY: Not really. I still get sick in the morning when my stomach is empty. It's kind of hard because I have to wait 30 minutes or so to eat because of my thyroid medicine.    
SYMPTOMS: Still getting a little nauseous. I also get headaches and my lower back has been hurting.
STRETCH MARKS: No! I bought some cream but I'm going to research others online because I can't stand the smell of the one I bought.
HAPPY OR MOODY: HAPPY.. and still emotional! I cried watching Sadie Robertson perform during Monday's DWTS. 
LOOKING FORWARD TO: FINDING OUT THE SEX!!! I'm also excited to start decorating the nursery and buying clothes. If we have a boy, I know exactly how I want to decorate the nursery, but I'm still a little clueless how I would decorate a girl nursery. You would think a girl nursery would be easier!


15 Weeks

HOW FAR: 15 Weeks 2 days
MATERNITY CLOTHES: No! I went looking for some leggings today, but the store was out of my size. Go figure! I'm just going to order some online.
SLEEP: Sleeping good minus the trips to the bathroom and being extremely thirsty. Which then equals to me having to pee some more! 
MOVEMENT: Feeling a little movement here and there, but then freak when I don't feel anything. 
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Picking up Robby from the airport!! :)
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Has nothing to do with baby Magee, but I've been giving Radd (my bunny) medicine twice a day and he HATES IT! He kicks his feet at me afterwards which makes me want to cry. I feel so bad but it's for his own good.. little booger! 
GENDER PREDICTION: I'm still guessing boy. We MIGHT find out Monday! :)
MISS ANYTHING: Having energy. Or the little bit of energy I DID have at least.
FOOD CRAVINGS: This week it has been frosted flakes with sliced bananas & cuties.
ANYTHING MAKE YOU QUEASY: I still don't care for beef. 
SYMPTOMS: I thought I was over being nauseous (I didn't get sick for two days), but got sick three times yesterday. I also get headaches almost every single day.
HAPPY OR MOODY: Happy. I am starting to get emotional again. I cried yesterday leaving my parents house, I cried tonight because I was hungry and I cried because I was missing Radd. 


14 Weeks

HOW FAR: 14 Weeks 2 days
MATERNITY CLOTHES: No. Long story! :(
SLEEP: Sleeping good for the most part. 
MOVEMENT: Again, I feel like I've been feeling flutters, but it could just be my stomach growling.
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Visiting Baby Gap with my mom. I didn't buy anything, but it was fun to look around. The Christmas onesies got me soooo excited for future holidays with the babe!!!! I'll have to stock up on some for next year.
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Just being worried all the dang time. I know I need to STOP, but maybe someone who has been through miscarriages can relate. It sucks the excitement right outta me!  
GENDER PREDICTION: Still predicting boy!
MISS ANYTHING: Being able to take some Ibuprofen. Tylenol doesn't do crap for my headaches. And when will I get my appetite back? I sure hope it comes back before THANKSGIVING!! :p
FOOD CRAVINGS: Fresh food.. I could totally go for a salad, a fruit tray and a veggie platter with ranch dip every night. On a non-healthy note: I've been loving me some Kool-Aid!! My cousin's daughter has me addicted to the Black Cherry flavor. Thanks Madi! ;)
AM I SHOWING: I think so. I can't wait to get bigger though. Right now it looks like I've had one too many fun size snickers. 
SYMPTOMS: DRY SKIN!!!! I normally have very oily skin, so I have NO idea how to deal with dry skin. I took a trip to Ulta and they recommended a 3-Step exfoliator. It's been working so far, but I'm not sure if I love it just yet. I have also been getting a headache every. single. night! Last night it got so bad I threw up my dinner and then went straight to bed because the lights were too much. Also, I'm still cramping and spotting every time I walk around or take trips in the car, my lower back has been hurting and I still get sick. Loving every minute of it though!!
HAPPY OR MOODY: Happy. So excited to see Robby this upcoming week.
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Our next appointment. She MIGHT be able to tell us the sex :)


13 Weeks

BABY IS THE SIZE OF A: Peach (yum!)
MATERNITY CLOTHES: No, not yet! I'm planning on getting some maternity leggings this week though. Finally, right?
SLEEP: Good for the most part. So far I've had a dream every single night. So vivid and they have nothing to do with babies or pregnancy. More like centipedes trying to attack my bunny and waiting in line at the bank. The teller told me I needed to deposit the money, withdraw it, and then deposit it again. WHAT!! Crazy dreams I tell ya!
MOVEMENT: I'm pretty sure I've been feeling flutters. Kind of hard to tell though. 
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Going to my ultrasound today!! The heartbeat was 154 :)
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Probably the bleeding and cramping. I drive.. I cramp! I walk around a store.. I cramp! The doctor said the placenta is kind of close to the cervix, so that's probably why I'm still bleeding, but they are going to keep an eye on it.
MISS ANYTHING: Deli meat and beef! I'm a meat lover. And so far I've been analyzing and dissecting it. Can't stand the texture in my mouth! :( 
FOOD CRAVINGS: Fruit (I've been wanting pineapple this week), cereal, and pina colada yogurt. Anything sweet!
AM I SHOWING: Yea! The belly is growing that's for sure. 
SYMPTOMS: Same as before.. Out of breath, nausea (three times a day at the most), some back pain, cramping, bleeding, headaches, weird dreams.
STRETCH MARKS: Nope! I got to buy some cream. I've been slacking because of the cramping.
HAPPY OR MOODY: Happy. Moody when I cramp or when I'm hungry.
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Finding out the sex!!!!


12 Weeks

HOW FAR: 12 weeks. Almost done with the first trimester! Yay!
MATERNITY CLOTHES: No! I need to get some maternity leggings. I also need some cute/comfortable maternity bras. Any suggestions?
SLEEP: I'm tossing and turning. I woke up at 2:30 in the morning the other night because I was sooo thirsty and ended up hugging the toilet a minute later :/
MOVEMENT: I'm pretty sure I felt some flutters, but I might be confusing it with gas..?? haha.
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Feeling flutters. If that even was flutters!
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: I'm constantly worried about the baby. My past pregnancy experiences have kind of ruined things for me.
GENDER PREDICTION: Robby and I are both thinking boy.
MISS ANYTHING: Having an appetite. Out of ALL the symptoms, I would have to say that one is by far the worst. Being starving but never knowing what you want to eat because NOTHING really sounds good. Doesn't make sense at all.. I know! I don't get it either!
FOOD CRAVINGS: Fruit, Salads with Italian dressing, chocolate chip cookies.
AM I SHOWING: Just a little. 
SYMPTOMS: Out of breath, nausea when I have an empty stomach, some back pain, cramping from SCH, headaches, weird dreams.
STRETCH MARKS: Nope! And I hope it stays that way ;)
HAPPY OR MOODY: Kind of moody.
LOOKING FORWARD TO: My appointment next week!!!!!!



Robby and I feel so extremely blessed. I thank my Heavenly Father each and every day for this little miracle growing inside of me.
Baby Magee is due April 29th 2015!! :)

It has taken us 4 years and 7 months to get here!! I've had two miscarriages, 4 IUI's, a cyst removed off my left ovary and have had so many other procedures and testing done. I would really love to post a video of what helped us get pregnant this time because I know many suffer with infertility. I want to help!
HOW FAR: 11 weeks! I'm still a little scared to be sharing the big news due to my past experiences, but I figured if something were to happen, I would get tons of love and support from family and friends. Enough of that though. I'm staying positive and putting my trust in God. 
MATERNITY CLOTHES: Nope! Not yet. I may have to stop at the Gap to get a couple maternity leggings. 
SLEEP: Sleeping well minus the crazy dreams and several trips to the bathroom. 
MOVEMENT: I can't feel anything yet but I went in today for an ultrasound and the baby was moving around like crazy (baby was probably hungry) and had a heartbeat of 164. 
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Seeing the heartbeat and the baby moving after Monday's scare. See below. 
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Monday morning I started to spot and didn't have much time to think about it because I had to take Robby to the airport. When I got home from dropping him off, I started to bleed a TON!!!!! I've never seen so much blood before in my life. The toilet was full of blood and I had some blood clots coming out. I started crying and was extremely depressed because I thought I was miscarrying again. I also didn't have my husband there with me so that didn't help the situation either. I called the doctor and went in with my mom and dad to check things out. As I was sitting in the waiting room a couple came out to look at their sonogram pictures which broke my heart. I had to look away. They called me in and I basically told the ultrasound tech that it was going to be bad news. She started the ultrasound process and I immediately saw a little heart beating and then the baby started moving around like crazy (again, baby was probably hungry). We were ALL IN SHOCK!!!! I had a subchorionic hemorrhage. Scariest. Thing. Ever. I'm still bleeding just a little bit, but today's ultrasound showed the hemorrhage is getting smaller. Phew!
GENDER PREDICTION: Wish I had some motherly intuition as to what the sex may be.. but I don't. I'm guessing boy?
MISS ANYTHING: Besides my husband haha.. Deli meat! I can so go for a Jersey Mike's sub right about now. I also can't wait to get my appetite back.
FOOD CRAVINGS: Strawberry and Banana Orange Julius, Slurpees from 7/11, Fruit.. Mostly Watermelon and strawberries. I also crave sides. Just think of all the Thanksgiving dinner sides.. Yup!! I crave all that. Oh.. and french fries.
ANYTHING MAKE YOU QUEASY: Meat! I can eat chicken sometimes though. 
AM I SHOWING: A little? There's fluff on top of baby so it's hard to tell haha. 
SYMPTOMS: No energy, nausea, some back pain, light cramping from SCH, heighten sense of smell, headaches and I don't care if this isn't a legit symptom (I say it is) but I've been having some major pregnancy brain. 
STRETCH MARKS: Nope! I need to buy some stretch mark cream asap though. 
HAPPY OR MOODY: Happy! Moody when I'm hungry. But that's how I am when I'm not pregnant.
LOOKING FORWARD TO: My next appointment in two weeks to check on the hemorrhage and to see baby of course. I also can't wait to get a bigger bump and finding out the gender!!! 
Baby Magee on Monday 10/6/14
I love that the baby is crossing his/her feet. Can you see the little fingers? And brain?