14 Weeks

HOW FAR: 14 Weeks 2 days
MATERNITY CLOTHES: No. Long story! :(
SLEEP: Sleeping good for the most part. 
MOVEMENT: Again, I feel like I've been feeling flutters, but it could just be my stomach growling.
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Visiting Baby Gap with my mom. I didn't buy anything, but it was fun to look around. The Christmas onesies got me soooo excited for future holidays with the babe!!!! I'll have to stock up on some for next year.
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Just being worried all the dang time. I know I need to STOP, but maybe someone who has been through miscarriages can relate. It sucks the excitement right outta me!  
GENDER PREDICTION: Still predicting boy!
MISS ANYTHING: Being able to take some Ibuprofen. Tylenol doesn't do crap for my headaches. And when will I get my appetite back? I sure hope it comes back before THANKSGIVING!! :p
FOOD CRAVINGS: Fresh food.. I could totally go for a salad, a fruit tray and a veggie platter with ranch dip every night. On a non-healthy note: I've been loving me some Kool-Aid!! My cousin's daughter has me addicted to the Black Cherry flavor. Thanks Madi! ;)
AM I SHOWING: I think so. I can't wait to get bigger though. Right now it looks like I've had one too many fun size snickers. 
SYMPTOMS: DRY SKIN!!!! I normally have very oily skin, so I have NO idea how to deal with dry skin. I took a trip to Ulta and they recommended a 3-Step exfoliator. It's been working so far, but I'm not sure if I love it just yet. I have also been getting a headache every. single. night! Last night it got so bad I threw up my dinner and then went straight to bed because the lights were too much. Also, I'm still cramping and spotting every time I walk around or take trips in the car, my lower back has been hurting and I still get sick. Loving every minute of it though!!
HAPPY OR MOODY: Happy. So excited to see Robby this upcoming week.
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Our next appointment. She MIGHT be able to tell us the sex :)

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