18 Weeks

HOW FAR: 18 Weeks
BABY IS THE SIZE OF A: Sweet Potato 
MATERNITY CLOTHES: Still wearing regular clothes and my maternity leggings.
SLEEP: Sleeping good. I have had pillows surrounding me which helps, but I should be getting my bump nest pillow today. The things pregnant women get excited for.. ;)
MOVEMENT: Feeling movement more each day. 
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: I had a dream the other night we went to another 3D ultrasound. Baby girl was bigger and had more baby fat on her. She had the most kissable, fullest lips I have ever seen. My brother said in the dream, "looks like she won't ever need lip injections!" haha.. Don't ask! My dreams are out there, but I LOVED it!
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Still missing my dog. We got her paw print yesterday and my brother found a couple pieces of her hair baked into the clay :(
GENDER: Girl!!!
FOOD CRAVINGS: Haven't really been craving anything specific. I just love food in general right now.
AM I SHOWING: Yes, and I love it! 
SYMPTOMS: I got sick 7 TIMES the other day. I was ready to grab my blanket and pillow and lay on the bathroom floor. Also, my boobs have been hurting again and my lower back has been killing me.  
STRETCH MARKS: No! Robby did scare me a couple weeks ago because he said "oh you have a stretch mark already." I was like "noooo... it's from my clothes. Right? Oh gosh, Robby it better not be." Yesterday I was dressing and he saw my stomach and said, "I guess that wasn't a stretch mark!" Maybe I should add salt to his pecan pie instead of sugar.. ;) hahaha jk. 
HAPPY OR MOODY: My emotions have been all over. Happy, sad, worried, moody, happy again, sad again, worried again.. I'm sure you get it!
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Stuffing my face tomorrow!!! Being pregnant around this time is SO much fun. I am also looking forward to decorating the nursery. I have some ideas and items saved on my iPad.. :)

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