20 Weeks

HOW FAR: 20 Weeks 1 day -HALFWAY THERE-
BABY IS THE SIZE OF A: Banana and weighs 12oz.
MATERNITY CLOTHES: I've been living in maternity leggings and my regular tops/sweaters.  
SLEEP: Sleeping good except for the 4 a.m. bathroom trips.  
MOVEMENT: YES!!! I think she flipped completely around the other night (Monday) which made me smile BIG. I'm addicted to feeling her move. Whenever I drink water, I feel little flutters, so you know I've been chugging that water like crazy.
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: I loved feeling her flip around. I'll never forget it! 
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Probably just freaking out when I don't feel the baby move as much. It's been a pretty good week otherwise.
GENDER: The tech checked again today.. she's definitely a GIRL!!!
FOOD CRAVINGS: This week I've been craving pretzels with cheese dip and I've also been craving a nice juicy filet. Texas Roadhouse here I come!
SYMPTOMS: Lower back pain, getting sick about once a week, constipation, headaches, some cramping, my boobs are hurting more in the morning and I always seem to be hungry. Trying not to over eat though.
HAPPY OR MOODY: Happy & emotional. Pregnant women can be happy one moment and then cry the next. Or is that just me?!
LOOKING FORWARD TO: CHRISTMAS!!! I love this time of year.
NURSERY: I got the rug yesterday and we're going to purchase the crib soon. I've also been doing research on strollers, rockers and car seats.. so please, if you have any suggestions please share. There's so many to choose from.. it can get a little overwhelming.  

20 Week Selfie

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