22 Weeks

(I was at my parents house for Christmas, so I wasn't able to take my 22 week picture by my gold heart)
HOW FAR: 22 Weeks 2 days
BABY IS THE SIZE OF A: Papaya. Baby girl is a whole pound!!!!   
MATERNITY CLOTHES: I bought some Jessica Simpson maternity jeans which fit really well, but after wearing them for a day I realized how much I love leggings.
SLEEP: It's okay. I'm a stomach sleeper, so I'm just trying to get use to laying on my sides. My hips get sore so I'm constantly switching sides.   
MOVEMENT: Yes!! I'm obsessed with feeling her move. I smile and laugh every time she does. My mom and dad both THINK they felt her :) It's hard for others to see, but I've been able to see little movements from the outside. As soon as I bust out my phone to record.. she STOPS moving! Little miss stubborn ;) 
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Christmas!!! Spending time with my family.
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Probably me crying 39473.5 times on Christmas day. I was sooooo emotional yesterday. 
FOOD CRAVINGS: This week I would have to say fruit, veggies and home cooked meals. My mouth is watering right now, because I can smell the ham cooking in the oven.
AM I SHOWING: Oh yea! Look at the second picture above.. don't I look pointy?! 
SYMPTOMS: My lower back has been hurting like crazy and I've been so emotional. I cried the other day because I was getting ready to run errands with my mom and dad and my dad joked saying I couldn't come and I just started sobbing. He felt SO bad! I think it's hilarious ;) 
STRETCH MARKS: Nope! Don't get me wrong.. I don't want stretch marks, but I also don't care if they decide to show up. I get a pretty awesome reward at the end of all this that will make up for it all. 
HAPPY OR MOODY: I'm emo right now.  
LOOKING FORWARD TO: New Year's & I CAN'T WAIT to have Robby home. 
NURSERY: I haven't gotten anything else yet for the nursery. Robby and I will probably get the dresser and a ceiling lamp when he comes home. He will also paint and set-up the crib. I'm sooo excited!!!!

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  1. You look gorgeous!! I'm addicted to feeling my son move too! Such a neat feeling! Merry Christmas