24 Weeks

(Pictures taken: 24 weeks 2 days)

HOW FAR: 24 Weeks. I can't believe I'm 6 MONTHS already. Time sure is flying by. 
BABY IS THE SIZE OF A: Garden Eggplant. She's one pound six ounces!    
MATERNITY CLOTHES: Just maternity leggings.    
SLEEP: Okay.   
MOVEMENT: Yes! Last night I was trying to fall asleep and she kept moving around and kicking. It made me smile. I'll take that over sleep any day!   
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: I really enjoyed watching "Labor Day" with my mom and grandma. I love girl time and watching sappy chick flicks! Also, who else is excited about all 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S being on Netflix?  
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: I would have to say the cramp I've been feeling on my left side. I can hardly walk or lift my left leg up. I read online that it can be round ligament pain or braxton hicks, which I doubt it's bh. I'm thinking it's more round ligament pain mixed with some constipation :/ Good thing I see my doctor tomorrow so I can ask her. Update: My doctor said the pain was round ligament pain. 
MISS ANYTHING: My husband. 
FOOD CRAVINGS: My main craving this week has been chocolate milk. I've also been loving apples, oranges, cereal, salads and home cooked meals.  
ANYTHING MAKE YOU QUEASY: Having an empty stomach in the morning. I threw up 3 times this week :(
SYMPTOMS: Heartburn, cramping on my left side, back pain, leg cramps and constipation.  
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Seeing my husband and my ultrasound appointment tomorrow.
NURSERY: My aunt, grandma, mom and I made a trip to Ikea and the dresser we want for the nursery, went down in price so I snagged it. I'm so excited to get this stuff put together. I also bought some organizers for the drawers to organize her little socks, headbands, clothes etc. :)

(Taking a break from cleaning and laundry)

(Robby painting the nursery)

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