25 Weeks

HOW FAR: 25 Weeks 1 Day
BABY IS THE SIZE OF A: Napa Cabbage. Approximately (9in, 1.7 lbs)  
MATERNITY CLOTHES: Just maternity leggings.    
SLEEP: Not good at all. I wake up a couple times a night to use the restroom and wake up between 6-7 a.m. and can't go back to sleep. I think too much!   
MOVEMENT: I haven't felt much movement which worries me, but I went to my ultrasound appointment today to check on the fluid around the baby and she was fine. I just want to feel her constantly and even though they say things are fine.. I still get worried!
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Having my husband home and getting the nursery started. 
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Not that this was bad for me.. I was just more worried for the baby, but during my last appointment the doctor said there wasn't a lot of fluid around the baby. I was drinking plenty of water (or so I thought), but I drank more and kept track of how much water I was drinking daily. Today was my appointment to check-up on that and they said it was a lot better than the last visit.
GENDER: Baby girl.
MISS ANYTHING: Just pepsi. 
FOOD CRAVINGS: FRUITY PEBBLES!!! I won't even mention how many bowls of that I eat a day.  
AM I SHOWING: Yea.. I love it so much!
SYMPTOMS: Constipation, cramping, back pain and being VERY emotional.   
HAPPY OR MOODY: Ehh.. moody and emotional.  
LOOKING FORWARD TO: I think we may be getting another 3-D ultrasound next week so I'm excited for that appointment. 
NURSERY: Robby put the crib and dresser together! Now I'm kind of stuck...

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