26 Weeks

HOW FAR: 26 Weeks 4 Days (picture above taken at 26 weeks 1 day)
BABY IS THE SIZE OF A: Butternut Squash. Average size: 13.6-14.8 inches, 1.5-2.2 lb.
MATERNITY CLOTHES: Living in my black leggings.    
SLEEP: Sleep has been OKAY. My hips have been hurting, so I've been waking up often throughout the night. I think I may invest in a down quilted mattress topper for our bed. My parents have one on the guest bed and it feels like I'm sleeping on a cloud.    
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: I don't remember the exact day, but Robby felt the baby move for the first time and he also saw her ninja kick three times in a row. We were smiling ear-to-ear! We also got to see her during our 3D ultrasound. I was a little disappointed with the experience this time, but seeing her little face (and foot in the face) made up for it. 
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Hubby had to go to work :(
GENDER: Baby girl.
MISS ANYTHING: Not really.  
FOOD CRAVINGS: It's still FRUITY PEBBLES!!! My mouth is watering just thinking of a fruity pebbles doughnut. I've also been loving Subway. A toasted chicken bacon ranch, swiss cheese, lettuce, onion and banana peppers.. yumm.
AM I SHOWING: Yup! (See pictures below)
SYMPTOMS: I've been feeling pretty good this week. I still get mild cramping/round ligament pain, my back hurts sometimes, I get a tingling feeling in my right leg which is annoying, and I'm still VERY emotional. I cry ALL. THE. TIME.   
HAPPY OR MOODY: A little sad today.   
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Getting the nursery finished and celebrating my dads b-day tomorrow! 
NURSERY: We bought a ceiling lamp for the nursery the other day. It'll take a few weeks to get here. And Robby put the book shelves up... :)

Photos taken at 26 weeks 4 days

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