30 Weeks

Picture above taken at 35 Weeks 5 Days
Hospital pictures taken at 30 Weeks (2-18-15)

HOW FAR: 30 Weeks// 10 (or less) weeks left! *enter shock face emoji* 
BABY IS THE SIZE OF A: Yummy Cantaloupe (17 in, 3.1lbs)
MATERNITY CLOTHES: Maternity leggings. I think it's time to buy some maternity tops. I'm starting to stretch my regular tops :/  
SLEEP: Ehh.. not so good.
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Getting this random text from Robby yesterday, "Hey sweetie!! I need you to go pick out an anniversary dress. Nothing really fancy just business casual or church dress. I love you!!!!" 
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Going in for the 3-hr glucose testing. This time I tried the orange drink which was so gross and a lot sweeter than the first drink. The first hour was torture! Good thing I had some extra peppermint oil to help with the nauseous feeling and with the headache I was starting to get, probably from that sugary drink. I also found some headphones in my purse which helped out a lot. 

Here's my advice to anyone who has to go in for the 3-hr testing: 
Go in as soon as they open or possibly even sooner, so you can be the FIRST to sign-up. I got there right when the office opened but there was 5 people already there waiting :/ Bring- peppermint oil (I put it on my temples and behind my neck), headphones for your iphone or ipad, travel neck-pillow and some sunglasses!!! YES, I was about to walk to my car to get my sunglasses because the lighting in there was making my head hurt even more, but I didn't want to move because I was concentrating on keeping that drink down. I didn't care AT ALL what people thought of me that day. I wasn't about to throw-up. Once you throw-up its GAME OVER and you'll have to go in another day for a re-do. 

Also, make sure you bring water and some snacks for afterwards. Although, after the test was over I wasn't really craving anything. I thought I was going to inhale all the snacks in my purse, but honestly, that sweet drink just made me feel sick and I think I was just pass the point of no return. 
UPDATE: WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Being in SO MUCH pain and spending the night at the hospital because of a gallstone attack!!! That 3-hr glucose test was a piece of cake compared to that gallstone attack. Mmmm.. cake!!
FOOD CRAVINGS: I haven't really been craving one particular food. I had a bean, cheese and sour cream burrito & chips and salsa from Rubio's yesterday for dinner which was yummy :)  
SYMPTOMS: I've been feeling okay this week. Probably just cramping..     
HAPPY OR MOODY: Moody and emotional.  
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Robby coming home.
NURSERY: Don't even get me started on the nursery. I'm sooo confused on the nursery decor :( 

 Pictures taken at 30 Weeks 5 Days

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  1. Brooke, I am so, so sorry to hear about your eventful week!! I've been keeping you in my prayers, those gallstones sound just EVIL!!! I too will be going in for the 3 hour glucose test. It's this Monday and I'm not going to lie, I've been sneaking in a few extra sweets and carbs just incase it comes back positive. Your nursery progress looks amazing, you can come help me out--our poor guy doesn't even have a mattress yet. Lol. xoxo