Her Name

I get asked SO MANY TIMES if we have a name picked out for our baby girl and the answer is.. YES! We also have a boy name picked out. First and middle name! ;) We've had our boy name picked out for years now, so if I ever see it floating around online, I'll be so disappointed. 

First, people usually ask if we know the sex of the baby and that question is usually followed by "what's her name?" Robby and I decided not to share her name (or our boy name) until we see our baby girl and here's the reasons why..

1.) People give their input/opinions. You have those (usually family members) who say "I don't really like that." Or something similar to that. One of my family members know what our babies name starts with because he/she saw the letter I bought to hang in her room, so when I made up a name (which was a pretty name in my opinion) that started with that letter, they said "Eww.. I don't like that name." I said "seeeee.. that's why I'm not telling you or anyone else." ;) 

Someone from church told me they didn't want to say their babies name until she was born for this same exact reason. My first thought when people make negative comments about baby names is.. "good thing this isn't your baby!" haha.. Right? I'm not usually one who cares what people think, BUT I also don't want to hear negative comments about a name that is dear to my heart. I figure once the baby is born and people know her name, they won't really say anything rude when they have a sweet and precious baby in their arms. And if they do, then they can give the baby back!!! ;) jk

2.) People copy. Yes, it's true and it DOES happen. My mom kind of had a problem with someone copying my brothers name and I have a couple of friends who have told me their stories of their friends copying who had their babies first and it's so upsetting to hear. I can only imagine how irritating it must be for the people who have a connection to the name, only to have someone copy them.

Also, I've seen people on Instagram announce their babies name which I love and I'm all for, but it drives me nuts when people comment below saying "oh that's my daughters/sons name." Like, can they have their MOMENT!!! Ha ha. 

3.) What if something happens. I don't like to think negatively, but Robby and I have been through so much with infertility and with our two miscarriages that I just feel more comfortable keeping the name to myself. I can't really explain why I feel this way... I just do! 

We all have our own opinions and reasons why we want to share/not share our babies name before they are born, but these are reasons why Robby and I don't want to share. Plus, SOMETHING needs to be a surprise! ;)

35 Weeks

HOW FAR: 35 Weeks 4 Days 
BABY IS THE SIZE OF A: Bunch of Carrots. I really don't like these fruit/veggie comparisons. So why do I keep posting them? ha! (19-22 in, 5.5 lbs)
MATERNITY CLOTHES: Leggings/regular tops and wearing dresses. 
SLEEP: Sleep would be great if my hips didn't hurt. I also go to the bathroom about 3 times a night which can get annoying.  
MOVEMENT: Yes! I wish she would move more but she's been pretty calm throughout this whole pregnancy.   
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Taking maternity pictures and seeing our niece get baptized yesterday.  
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: I don't want to jinx anything but things have been going good this week. 
MISS ANYTHING: Umm.. I miss fitting into my shoes and sandals. I've been rocking crocs lately. Don't care what anyone thinks. Those things are comfy and cool for my swollen hot feet. I also miss wearing my wedding rings!
FOOD CRAVINGS: Sweets. Which is sooo bad.   
SYMPTOMS: Same symptoms as last week. My feet have been getting more swollen and they hurt when I stand too long. 
STRETCH MARKS: Not on my stomach.  
HAPPY OR MOODY: Scared/Nervous. Not scared of labor or pain. I'm more scared of who's going to take me to the hospital. Robby has to leave for a week, my mom will be gone for a few days and my dad works crazy hours. Hopefully she comes when everyone is home ;) 
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Cleaning this house and getting things ready for the baby. I'm almost done packing my hospital bag and I'm done packing the diaper bag. I don't have TONS in her diaper bag, but what I do have are all things that make me feel comfortable. Some may think I'm over packing, but each baby is different so what works for some may not work for others. Right?  
NURSERY: I'm still waiting for a pouf to come and I would like to get a little nightstand/lamp for her room but that may have to wait. We still need to get a mamaRoo for her and a stroller :/ 


Maternity Shoot (b&w)


Maternity Shoot


34 Weeks

HOW FAR: 34 Weeks 4 Days 
BABY IS THE SIZE OF A: Cabbage (19-22 in, 4.9 lbs)
MATERNITY CLOTHES: Just wearing the same ol' stuff. Maternity leggings and stretching out my regular tops! See photo above ;) 
SLEEP: Sleep is alright. I get up so many times a night to use the restroom. I guess it helps prepare me for whats to come. 
MOVEMENT: Yes! And I love every second of it.  
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Choosing a hospital and registering. 
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: So gross! I was craving a steak so Robby, my brother and I went to Texas Roadhouse. When I got my salad I ended up finding a dead, half a body, dried up beetle with legs. SO SICK, right?! We ended up leaving after that :/
MISS ANYTHING: Probably just Pepsi. However, I did have a couple sips of Robby's soda and it was way too sweet for me. 
FOOD CRAVINGS: I've been loving cereal.   
ANYTHING MAKE YOU QUEASY: DEAD bugs in my salad!!! 
SYMPTOMS: I've been having Braxton Hicks, my feet are a little swollen, my hips and back hurt sometimes, having a hard time breathing, and tingling in my right leg and foot. Why the right side? I have no idea!
STRETCH MARKS: Not on my stomach.  
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Getting everything checked off on my to-do list!
NURSERY: I still have a couple more things to get for the nursery but it's almost done. Well... for now!


33 Weeks

HOW FAR: 33 Weeks 4 Days 
BABY IS THE SIZE OF A: Cauliflower (19in, 4.5 lbs)
MATERNITY CLOTHES: Maternity leggings and stretching out my regular tops. I did buy a couple maternity dresses at Target. They were both on clearance :)  
SLEEP: Not so great. It's hard for me to switch sides and I also wake up about 3-4 times a night to pee.
MOVEMENT: Yes. She also gets hiccups a lot. 
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Checking out a couple hospitals to see where we want to deliver. I think Robby and I decided on one! Those hospital tours made everything feel THAT much more real.  
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Had to take Robby to the airport today :( I'll see him real soon but still... I miss him already!
MISS ANYTHING: Sleeping on my stomach...? I don't know. I'm enjoying the good, the bad and the ugly. Soon she will be in our arms and I know I'll miss her being so close to me all the time, so I'm trying to soak this last bit of pregnancy all up!!! 
FOOD CRAVINGS: I've been craving MEAT!!!! Wish I could afford Texas Roadhouse every night or have an In N Out burger. I've also been loving sweets. I know, so bad for me but I can't help it. This weeks cereal favorites- Lucky Charms & Cocoa Pebbles.  
SYMPTOMS: I've been having Braxton Hicks, my feet seem a little swollen, my hips and back hurt sometimes, I had a yeast infection (which I've never had before) but my doctor said it's common during pregnancy and I've been getting heartburn here and there.
STRETCH MARKS: Not on my stomach.  
HAPPY OR MOODY: Happy! I don't know.. I think I should have Robby answer this question every week ;)  
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Easter. One of my favorite holidays! Who am I kidding. I love ALL holidays! Going to love them a TON more once the baby comes. I already have her Halloween costume picked out ;) 
NURSERY: It's almost done. I have to hang a few more things for the collage, wash the crib sheets and changing pad cover, maybe get some curtains and clean, clean, clean. We also need an ottoman and a little night stand but that stuff might have to wait. 


32 Weeks

32 Weeks 4 Days 

HOW FAR: 32 Weeks 5 Days 
BABY IS THE SIZE OF A: Florida Pomelo (ugh.. what is that?) (19 in, 3.9 lbs)
MATERNITY CLOTHES: Maternity leggings and still wearing my regular tops. I don't want to buy any maternity tops because I don't have much longer. Eeek!  
SLEEP: Okay. Robby added a few comforters under our sheets on my side of the bed (a ghetto mattress pillow top), so that's been helping my hips a ton. 
MOVEMENT: Yes!! She moves the most in the morning before I eat and at night :)   
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: My baby shower!!! A huge THANK YOU to my mom from throwing me the best baby shower. I love her so much.
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: I can't really think of anything. Probably just being a little uncomfortable, but I'm glad to be feeling all these symptoms. I've been waiting way too long for this baby not to appreciate every pregnancy symptom. 
FOOD CRAVINGS: I've been craving Red Robin burger and fries. I've also been craving Texas Roadhouse. I wanted that for our anniversary and everything I ordered was soo tasty!!! That steak was delish. I've also loved fruit and cereal (cocoa pebbles) this week. 
AM I SHOWING: Oh yea.  
SYMPTOMS: Heart burn, tingling in my right leg/foot, my feet have been hurting/a little swollen and I've also been cramping a lot today. Getting the good ol' Braxton Hicks. At the end of the day, I felt like I got bigger ha!
STRETCH MARKS: Not on my stomach. In the pictures it may look like I have some stretch marks, but those marks are from my under shirt. I do have a couple small stretch marks on my boobs but they aren't that noticeable because they are on the bottom :/ TMI..? lol 
HAPPY OR MOODY: Happy & mostly moody ;) 
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Getting some items we ordered. The car seat is one of them. Finally, right? We are also going to check out a couple hospitals this week. I can't believe how close we're getting. This feels so surreal guys!!!!
NURSERY: is a mess! ha ha. We have to do the baby laundry, organize, buy some shelves for the closet and get the remaining baby items for the nursery decor. 


31 Weeks

 31 Weeks 4 days 

HOW FAR: 31 Weeks 6 Days 
BABY IS THE SIZE OF A: Romaine Lettuce (18 in, 3.2lbs)
MATERNITY CLOTHES: Maternity leggings and stretching my regular tops ha! 
SLEEP: Not good. My hips hurt sooooo bad!
MOVEMENT: Yes and I love it!  
BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Feeling baby girls hiccups.
WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: I've been sleeping on both sides and it's been killing my hips. Also, I'm sick of snow. I'm ready for Spring!
MISS ANYTHING: Eating what I want and what I crave. Stupid gallstone! :(
FOOD CRAVINGS: Chocolate (reese's peanut butter cups), Pepsi and Texas Roadhouse.  
AM I SHOWING: Yes, I feel like I grew a lot more overnight. 
SYMPTOMS: Round ligament pain, my feet have been hurting when I stand for too long, my hips hurt when I sleep, and discharge (gross I know!).      
LOOKING FORWARD TO: My baby shower on Saturday.
NURSERY: Things are FINALLY starting to come together. We got the bunny mobile yesterday and it's darling. I love it so much! We also got a ceiling light in her room and a couple more pictures for the collage. Hopefully I can get it done soon :)