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I get asked SO MANY TIMES if we have a name picked out for our baby girl and the answer is.. YES! We also have a boy name picked out. First and middle name! ;) We've had our boy name picked out for years now, so if I ever see it floating around online, I'll be so disappointed. 

First, people usually ask if we know the sex of the baby and that question is usually followed by "what's her name?" Robby and I decided not to share her name (or our boy name) until we see our baby girl and here's the reasons why..

1.) People give their input/opinions. You have those (usually family members) who say "I don't really like that." Or something similar to that. One of my family members know what our babies name starts with because he/she saw the letter I bought to hang in her room, so when I made up a name (which was a pretty name in my opinion) that started with that letter, they said "Eww.. I don't like that name." I said "seeeee.. that's why I'm not telling you or anyone else." ;) 

Someone from church told me they didn't want to say their babies name until she was born for this same exact reason. My first thought when people make negative comments about baby names is.. "good thing this isn't your baby!" haha.. Right? I'm not usually one who cares what people think, BUT I also don't want to hear negative comments about a name that is dear to my heart. I figure once the baby is born and people know her name, they won't really say anything rude when they have a sweet and precious baby in their arms. And if they do, then they can give the baby back!!! ;) jk

2.) People copy. Yes, it's true and it DOES happen. My mom kind of had a problem with someone copying my brothers name and I have a couple of friends who have told me their stories of their friends copying who had their babies first and it's so upsetting to hear. I can only imagine how irritating it must be for the people who have a connection to the name, only to have someone copy them.

Also, I've seen people on Instagram announce their babies name which I love and I'm all for, but it drives me nuts when people comment below saying "oh that's my daughters/sons name." Like, can they have their MOMENT!!! Ha ha. 

3.) What if something happens. I don't like to think negatively, but Robby and I have been through so much with infertility and with our two miscarriages that I just feel more comfortable keeping the name to myself. I can't really explain why I feel this way... I just do! 

We all have our own opinions and reasons why we want to share/not share our babies name before they are born, but these are reasons why Robby and I don't want to share. Plus, SOMETHING needs to be a surprise! ;)

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