Jolie LeClair Magee | Her Birth Story

On Monday, April 6th at 10:15, Robby and I went to my 36 week ultrasound and doctors appointment to check on Jolie. I noticed the ultrasound tech was having a hard time getting measurements and getting a clear picture of Jolie was close to impossible. The ultrasound tech said, "you might be having this baby soon!" Robby and I looked at each other in shock. The tech was having such a hard time getting measurements and seeing the baby because my fluid was so low. After the ultrasound, Robby and I waited in the room to meet with my doctor. She walked into the room and said, "this baby is full of surprises, huh?" I didn't think so because my fluid was kind of low throughout my whole pregnancy, but she informed Robby and I that Jolie was also breech, which meant I needed to have a c-section that week. Surprise was right! After meeting with the doctor, I had to go into a small room with a monitor and a recliner. They had to monitor the baby to check her heart rate to see if she was stressed. Everything went well with the baby so we headed home (still in shock).
Our check-in time for the c-section was 5:30 AM on Wednesday April 8th and the c-section was scheduled for 7:30. Robby and I went up to the third floor where we were greeted by our nurse and escorted to our room. I changed into the hospital gown, was asked tons of questions and then the nurse stuck me twice with the IV needle but kept hitting a valve inside my vein, so she wasn't able to advance the needle. She didn't want to poke me a third time, so she got another nurse to try on my right arm. That nurse was able to get the IV in without hitting a valve, but for some reason blood went everywhere. 

I can kick myself for not finishing this post sooner because now (it being August 1st) I forgot a lot :( My nurse gave me the nasty sour drink, which I kept down and then the anistiologist came in to talk to me and my mom convinced him to let her go in along with Robby. He said yes as long as it was okay with my doctor (she said yes). My doctor came in while I was in the bathroom and my mom was in there helping me out. It's not easy walking with all those IV bags. I remember them finally being ready and strolling me into the surgical room. I was in there by myself which was a bit awkward and lonely. I was pretty dang still when the anistiologist gave me my epidural, which was in a sitting up position and all I remember was it sort of feeling like a bee sting, which wasn't painful at all. Then again, I've never been stung by a bee ha! 

I remember the most awkward part about the whole c-section experience was when the nurses put my catheter in... Yuk! So embarrassing. After that, the anistiologist kept poking me with a needle asking me if I could feel the difference between my lower stomach and upper body. I kept feeling it which kind of scared me but he said the doctor would pitch me eventually to see if I felt anything. Sure enough, she said "did you feel that? I just pinched you!" I felt so relieved because I didn't feel her pinching me. Before they got started I asked her if she could pinch me ONE MORE TIME just to make sure haha. So the anistiologist pinched my upper body joking around. I remember them letting Robby in and he was by my side the whole time. It took them awhile to get the baby out (come to find out... the incision was small). I felt them tugging and I felt pressure. Right before they took the baby out, they called my mom in so she could record and take pictures for us. She also promised not to talk but the excitement of her first, having her first after FIVE LONG YEARS got the best of her and she chatted away ;) I'm so grateful for her though. We would hardly have any footage if it wasn't for her. Anyways, I was a little sadden at how quiet everyone was. I did feel more pressure when she was coming out but I wasn't 100% sure if it was time. I remember seeing the baby being carried to the table where they cleaned and measured her, and I remember my mom saying "she's definitely a girl!" I kept watching her on the screen they had above me and I kept asking Robby and my mom allllll sorts of questions, like: 

What time was she born?
How much does she weigh? 
Is she cute? 
Does she have all fingers and toes?
How long is she? 
Does she have a lot of hair?

I would have liked my doctor and nurses being a bit more vocal but besides that, our experience was so peaceful. Jolie did had bruises all over her bum and legs for them tugging to get her out.

They FINALLY brought her over to me and words can't describe the feeling I felt. It was surreal. Not to sound cheesy but it felt like a dream. When I saw them carry her to the table after getting her out, all I kept thinking about was "Is she really mine?" For nine months all I ever wondered was if she was healthy and what she was going to look like and she was RIGHT THERE.... just a few feet (felt more like a mile) away from me.

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