One Month

Bored much? ;)

How has it been four weeks already?! NO, really. I know people say time flies by, but I didn't think it would fly by THIS fast. We even get less sleep at night, which means more hours with her and time still seems to go by super fast. Robby and I have been trying for a baby for almost five years. Five LONG years! Five LONG years that have DRAGGED. So now that our sweet baby girl is here, I want to make sure we soak EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. UP!

Size Diapers: Newborn. She did fit into preemie diapers for a couple of weeks. 

Size Clothes: Newborn. Grandma Magee (can't wait to hear what she'll call her grandmas and grandpas) did buy some preemie clothes, which fit just right for about a week, but now they're too small. 

Eyes: Dark Blue. They are getting lighter around her pupils. Mommy and daddy are guessing her eye color will be hazel. 

Hair: When she was first born she had a good amount of dark hair, but now she's losing it and it's getting lighter. Or maybe it's getting lighter because she's losing it ;)  

Sleeping: She wakes mommy and daddy up about every two hours. She sleeps really good in our arms, enjoys sleeping in our bed in the mornings and likes her mamroo, but once we put her in her bassinet she'll move and grunt till she falls alseep. 

Eating: Breast feeding has been a challenge! I'll just leave it at that. She usually eats 3oz of formula every two hours. She did drink 4oz with daddy the other day. She had really bad constipation about a week ago so we took her to the doctors and he told us to give her an ounce of apple juice with an ounce of water and she LOVED it! 

Milestones: She picked her head up when she was a day old and she continues to pick up her head. She also copied mommy FOUR times making mommy and daddy's favorite "kiss face." I made the face and she would make the face. I would stop and she would stop. She did it four times which surprised all of us because she was only a few days old. 

Nicknames: Baby girl, angel, sweetheart, beautiful, my aunt calls her "little butterfly" and my brother calls her thumbelina. Robby and I have been calling her "babysorus," because she grunts, makes noises like a baby raptor and tries to eat us when she's hungry. :)

Funny Moments: My oh my does baby girl have an attitude already. I'm pretty sure I captured it in the first photo above. She will grunt after you say something, which almost sounds like a talking back grunt. 

It's also hilarious when she tries to suck on our hand or thumb when we try to burp her. Home girl does not like taking burp breaks. 

Yesterday Jolie was in her mamaroo and while I was in the middle of saying the dinner prayer, she grunts and makes the funniest noises after I got done saying how thankful we are for her, which made her dad laugh and then of course, I started laughing. Funniest. Thing. Ever!

Favorite Baby Items: 

  • Eating
  • Car rides
  • Being held/Snuggling
  • Mommy singing to her
  • Laying on mommy and daddy's chest
  • Her head being covered when she sleeps
  • When I rub her face gently with my fingers. Puts her to sleep quick!

  • Diaper changes
  • Bath time. She hated her first and second bath, but once her cord fell off and we were able to use her 4moms infant tub, she enjoyed it a lot more. She just hates being cold. But then again, who likes being cold?
  • Waiting to eat
  • Changing clothes
  • Having to toot
  • Doctor visits

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