Three Months

Every monthly photo shoot must end with a yawn

Size Diapers: Size One. We still have some newborn diapers that we use for poopy situations. I will save you the details ;)

Size Clothes: 0-3 months and 3 months. 

Eyes: Still a deep blue color and lighter around her pupil. The lighter part looks like it's wanting to be hazel..? People are saying they're going to stay blue but I have a feeling they'll change on us. 

Hair: Brown with a little bit of reddish tint. There is still more hair around the sides than on top. 

Sleeping: She's been sleeping A LOT better this month. It fluctuates but she usually falls asleep around 6:00 p.m., wakes up around 12 midnight to eat, wakes up around 5:30 a.m. or so to eat again and then goes back to sleep until 10ish. 

Eating: She's been drinking 5oz. 

Milestones: She LOVES to smile!!!! She's such a happy baby. 

She also loves to talk. I posted a video on my instagram of her talking a little bit. I can listen to that sweet tiny voice all day long.

At her last doctors appointment she used her elbows to get up when the doctor wanted to see how she was doing with tummy time. 

Nicknames: my angel, baby girl.. I've been calling her by her name a lot though lately.

Funny Moments: I think it's funny when she's wanting her paci, but crying and getting upset at the same time. The noise that she makes with the paci in her mouth is hilarious. 

She farted when we were in the baby isle at Target. Pretty sure people thought it was me. It was LOUD! 

Favorite Baby Items: 

We've tried a couple different bottles. Both didn't work well for her and her tummy, so I bought these and so far so good.
Water Wipes are still a FAVORITE!!! Love those wipes.
Pampers Swaddlers
I LOVE these bodysuits
Uni the Unicorn Book

mommy and daddy
Her paci
When people talk and smile at her
Being held and cuddling
Sitting in her warm bath water
Being outside. We went for our first walk (June 29th) and she smiled and talked the whole time. 
Grabbing mommy's shirt when I'm rocking her to sleep. Family & friends, I'm sorry if you've seen the boob cleavage. Totally not my fault!

Being left alone
When her paci falls out
Car Rides
Sandals & Shoes
She gets annoyed when I put headbands on her but once there on she forgets about them.
When we put lotion on her. She has a little bit of eczema so we've been using the samples of lotion the doctor gave us. Seems to be working well but any advice would be helpful.
The Doctors