Four Months

We didn't get home till later so the lighting was horrible :(

Size Diapers: Size Two. 

Size Clothes: Some 0-3, 3 Months & some 3 to 6 months. 

Eyes: They are still blue! Crossing my fingers they stay blue but sometimes I see a little yellowish/hazel wanting to pop through. 

Hair: Brown with a little bit of reddish tint. She lost a lot of her hair but it's starting to grow back. I'm loving the little peach fuzz though. 

Sleeping: She was sleeping the whole night but now she's waking up around 3 a.m. wanting food. I give her a bottle and she usually falls back asleep. Have any advice? Is she going through four month sleep regression? Help!

Eating: She's been drinking 6oz and I just started feeding her baby oatmeal. She LOVES the oatmeal but she cries because I can't feed it to her fast enough.

Milestones: These are 3 month & 4 month milestones combined. 

Her hand eye coordination is improving. She's able to look at her hand. 

She's trying to sit up. She was even scooting out of her car seat when we were trying to eat dinner. I had her sitting in there without the buckles on. 

She puts her hand in her mouth and chews on her fingers and fist. She's been drooling a ton! She loves holding and chewing her burp cloth. 

She's also been putting her hands on my face and she's touching things that are in front of her. She's getting better at holding onto toys. 

She recognizes her bottle and binkey. She's been trying to hold on to her own bottle. 

She watches her learning videos so intensely. She doesn't take her eyes off of the screen. 

She ROLLED OVERRR!!!! I saw her roll over and went to grab my ipad since my phone had died. I didn't get her first time rolling over on video but she rolled over again, which I was able to get on video for her daddy to see ;) 

She laughs and giggles. She's also ticklish! I can't wait for her to start laughing more. 

Nicknames: I've been calling her by her name.

Funny Moments: I think it's hilarious when she's eating her oatmeal. She starts to cry when I go to get more oatmeal on the spoon and as soon as I give her more oatmeal, she goes "mmmff.. mmmff mmm." I guess you have to be there :)

I also love when she tries to grab my face and I get a nice slobbery KISS!!! I can kiss my baby all day. 

Favorite Baby Items: 
We still love our water wipes.
Jolie LOVES her Lou Lou & Company swaddle blankets. 
I bought this one for her recently. I've been loving the color Lilac lately!
She's loving Gerber oatmeal.

When her blanket touches her face when she's trying to go to sleep.
Her bottle.
Getting her diaper changed.
Her baby videos by littlebabybum on Youtube.
Boys! She smiles at my dad and my brother all the time.
I'm pretty sure she loves us girls too. ;) 
Her feet.
Putting her hand in her mouth. 

Being left alone.
When we get out of the bath.
When I put clothes on her. I have to do it quick! If she's in a good mood then she's okay.
When I take the spoon out of her mouth to get more oatmeal.
New people. She stares at them with a serious facial expression.. and then she cries.
She gets fussy and cries when she wakes up.