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Jolie's First Pumpkin Patch

1/2 Year Old


Six Months

Size Diapers: Size Three. We switched to the honest brand. The pampers had a strange smell when she would pee. 

Size Clothes: 6-9 and some 6-12. 

Eyes: Still blue with a light hazel/yellowish around her pupil. 

Hair: Brown with a little bit of reddish tint. 

Sleeping: She's been sleeping A LOT better. She's usually ready for bed around 8-9pm and usually sleeps till 7 being the earliest and 9:30 being the latest. Once she wakes up, we give her a bottle, she plays for about a half an hour and is ready for her morning nap. Her naps don't last long at all though but that's okay. We're pretty lucky with the amount of sleep we've been getting, so I'm not complaining one bit. 

Eating: She's been drinking 6oz (Gerber Soothe) and eats Earth's Best organic oatmeal for breakfast. We've been putting banana in her oatmeal (every other day usually) and she LOVES IT!!! We have also tried fresh green beans (I pureed them in the blender) for dinner which wasn't a big hit. I may have to re-introduce that to her again. We tried carrots (Sunday 10-11-15) and she loved those. She made the funniest facial expression at first but enjoyed it after that first bite. 


  • SHE CAN SIT UP!!! Yay.
  • She blows raspberries which is sooo cute! 
  • Robby stuck his tongue out last night and made a farting noise and she tried to copy him. 
  • She gets super excited when her videos start on YouTube. We love the little baby bum channel. She mostly watches educational videos. 
  • Eating solids. 
  • Rolling from her stomach to her back a couple times. 

Nicknames: We call her by her name. Sounds so strange but I do call her "bubus" a lot. Don't know why.

Her/Our Loves:
To smile. Smile at her and she'll more than likely smile back at ya :)
She loves her Dumbo Book.
Sleeping with the blanket over her face (she's the one who will put the blanket over her face) or sleeping in the dark (blinds shut). She's like her mommy.  
Banana and carrots.
Her bottle.
Getting her diaper changed. She has never cried getting her diaper changed.
Her baby videos by littlebabybum on Youtube.
Her grandpa! She doesn't even know who we are when he's around.
Ice Cream (DON'T ASK!) Haha.

Being left alone.
When we get out of the bath.
When I put clothes on her. She gets mad every single time!
She gets fussy when she's tired.
Loud noises.
When you take her videos away. We have to give her a time limit! lol