Eight Months

Size Diapers: Size Three. 

Size Clothes: 6-9, 6-12 Pants 6-12 are getting small. Old Navy 12-18 month leggings fit perfect. 

Eyes: Still blue with a light hazel/yellowish around her pupil. 

Hair: Brown but I do see golden/light brown in the sun. 

Sleeping: Same as last month | She's sleeping throughout the night. Yay! She'll go to bed anywhere between 7-9 p.m. and wake up around 7:00-8:30ish a.m. When she wakes up I make her a bottle, she plays for 30 minutes or so, and is ready for her morning nap. She usually has around 3-4 naps a day. 

Eating: She's been drinking 7oz (Gerber Soothe) and eats Earth's Best organic oatmeal for breakfast. She's been eating Organic Beech-Nut. Her favorite is apple, raspberry & avocado mix. I do have to mix a little bit of apple sauce or pears in with her vegtables. She also loves fresh avocados with banana. One of her favorite lunch meals but I don't like to give it to her often because it constipates her.


  • Two teeth coming in at the top
  • She loves to clap her hands and claps her hands when we say "GO BRONCOS!" 
  • Boy oh boy, does baby girl have a temper. 
  • She's starting to rock back and forth on her hands and knees. Hopefully she starts crawling soon! 
  • She says MAMA and BABA
  • Starting to give kisses. She brings her head close and makes you do the rest! haha. 
  • She's been hitting people in the face (not hard of course) but I've been saying "No, no" and she listens. Sometimes. haha Don't know why she does that. 

Nicknames: We call her by her name. Sounds so strange but I do call her "bubus" a lot. Don't know why.

Her/Our Loves:
Avocado and Banana
Grandpa (I think she loves him more than me)
Being outside
Sitting in a shopping cart
To scream
Bath time/bath toy animals
Little Baby Bum videos
Apple Puffs
Other kids/Her cousins Megan and Madison
Being tickled

Being left alone
She hates it when we put clothes on her or change her diaper
Loud noises
Her crib :/

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