Eleven Months

Size Diapers: Size Four. 

Size Clothes: 12-18 and 18-24 month leggings and some sweaters and tops.

Eyes: Blue with a light hazel/yellowish around her pupil. 

Hair: Brown. Looks like it's getting a little lighter though.

Sleeping: She usually goes to bed between 7:30-8 (sometimes later depending on the night *monkey covering face emoji*). She'll wake up a couple times through out the night. It's hard because we are living with my parents at the moment, so her crib is in our room (there's nowhere else to put it) so when she wakes up, she knows I'm laying just a couple feet away from her. It's been kind of exhausting. As for the morning, she usually wakes up around 7:30-8 a.m. and drinks her milk. We usually watch some videos and hang out in bed for about a half an hour so I could get enough energy to get up and ready for the day. I make her breakfast and she usually takes her first nap around 10:30 or so and a second nap a few hours after that.  

Eating: We just started giving her whole milk because we ran out of formula about a week ago and didn't want to buy more. She's liking it but not loving it. She eats eggs and ketchup, fruit (grapes have been a favorite this month), yum yums, raisins, Annie's bunny snacks, apple sauce, pb&j's and her favorite... PASTA!!!! Any kind of a pasta. She's not the best eater right now though... which scares me. As long as she's drinking right?

Milestones/Funny Moments: 
  • She's getting better at walking around furniture
  • She's a pro at climbing the stairs (someone is always behind her)
  • She's taking MORE steps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!
  • Her first temperature 3/15/16
  • She got a really bad rash all over her body from either the amoxicillin or the virus cold she had.
  • She plays games with us. She'll pretend to feed me but then trick me out and stick the food in her mouth. 
  • She says "more" in sign language but claps her hands instead of the regular sign hahahaha..  
  • She throws her food on the floor a lot and will move her index finger at me like "no, no, no." 
  • She just started doing this but she throws her hands up and closes her eyes when we put her in the car seat. She only does it in the Jeep. 
  • She always sticks one leg out when we are in a shopping cart or she'll throw one leg up when she's in her stroller. Some people look at me like, "don't you know your daughters leg is hanging over?" She'll put it back up if you try to change it. 
  • She's really into drinking bath water ahahaha..

She said "uh oh!" when she dropped a piece of bread. 
She can say "quack quack" if we ask her what a duck says and she says "ooh ooh ahh ahh" if we ask her what a monkey says. 
Hi! (and waves)
I swear she said "Magee" twice!

Nicknames: We call her by her name. 

Her/Our Loves:
Big people food
Nana (I think she loves her more than anyone lol
Eggs and Ketchup
Her Blankey
Remotes (anything that isn't her toy)
Being Outside
Her pink mini cooper car
Radd (our pet bunny. She gets so excited when she touches him)
Looking at animals or fishes

Being left alone
Getting her teeth brushed
Getting dressed only if I take awhile. It takes me a little bit to choose an outfit due to Colorado's bi-polar weather.
She doesn't like men too much. Only a few.

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