Jolie's First Birthday | Some bunny Is Turning One!

Happy FIRST Birthday my sweet bunny! 
On her actual birthday (April 8th), I kept thinking about our first day at the hospital with our newborn baby girl. I was probably driving my husband crazy because I kept saying things like, 
"It's 8:40 a.m... she was probably drinking her first bottle." 
"It's 1:17... we probably just got done with lunch." 
Or "around this time.. family came to visit us and the baby." 

I remember that day so well (some moments are a blur because of pain medicine and exhaustion) and I wish I could re-live that day. The feelings I felt when I saw Jolie for the first time were/are unexplainable. I remember thinking thoughts like, 
"I'm going to responsible for her for the rest of my life.." 
"my life will never be the same. ever again." 
"I can't believe we made that sweet baby girl." 
"can I see her already? What, who.. does she look like?" 
I can't believe she's mine." 

When I was looking across the room at my minute old baby girl, all I kept thinking about was how surreal everything was. It sounds so cliche, but that moment REALLY did feel like a dream. 

Her first birthday was (who am I kidding.. it still is..) kind of hard for me and I  blame infertility. Robby and I tried for five years to have a baby and those years felt like FOREVER. Your husband goes out of town on a business trip: those few days that he's gone, feels like a month. You don't enjoy your job: the day seems to drag on and on. You try and want a baby sooo bad... those days, months, YEARS WILL feel like forever. Those five years dragged on for me. Those five years lasted what felt like, a life-time for me. 

So here I have what I've been praying for and the days (most days lol) fly by faster than I can blink. This year went by way too fast. I have come to the realization that her whole life will go by extremely fast because I enjoy her so much. She's my little best friend and I thank God, each and every day for her and the sweet spirit she brings into our home. 

Happy FIRST Birthday, Jolie! 
Your daddy and I love you so very much.
Thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness to our family. 

Who came: 

Family | Mommy, daddy, grandpa, grandma, uncle R.J., Great grandma, Uncle Frank, Angie, Terin and her boyfriend, Eric, Megan, Madison, Alina, Haylie and Cali. 


Some bunny is turning One! The theme was easy for me. My favorite animal is a rabbit. We have a pet rabbit. You love our pet rabbit. My baby shower invites had a bunny on it, you were a bunny for Halloween, so it was perfect for us bunny lovers. Next year, I'll stay clear of bunnies. Not making any promises though ;)


Adopt a Bunny! | Bunny stuffed animals
I also got bunny bags after Easter so your cousins had something to put their bunnies and candy in from the piñata. 

You loved: 

The ball pit, playing with your cousins, your swing that mommy and daddy got you, your tent, balloons, radd, your presents and eating cake. 


Mommy and daddy bought you an indoor swing, a tent, a small table from Ikea, little people (little mermaid & belle and friends), discovery house, a beautiful stuffed rabbit with your name engraved on the back, moccasins, brown fringe boots, a bunny purse and a zebra walker. 

Grandpa and Grandma got you an outdoor swing, a play school bus with extra people, a steering wheel that sings, magnets for the fridge and grandpa got you a United States mint silver proof set from the year you were born. 

Uncle Frank, Angie and the kids got you a summer outfit, two sunglasses, a few books (a really cool bible book with a handle), and a handmade blanket and matching pillow that Angie made. She's talented like that ;)

Alina got you minnie mouse dress pajamas (so cute!) and a butterfly summer outfit and your cousins, Haylie and Cali got you a couple outfits. 

Terin and her boyfriend got you a purple flower headband with a pretty white dress. It's actually the same dress I picked out for you for our mother-daughter pictures but it's a 2T so you have one for next Spring/Summer (we have the same taste in clothing *wink*). They also got you a gray shirt with a gold heart on the front with blue jean shorts to go with. 


We ordered pizza, bought a couple gallons of lemonade from Chick-fil-A, made pasta salad, regular salad, potato salad, fruit salad, Angie made a veggie platter and deviled eggs and Terin and her bf brought a fruit platter. Mommy made your #1 sugar cookies (which I wasn't too impressed with *sad face*), we bought macarons, truffles and ordered your cake. The bottom tier was chocolate with chocolate ganache and the top tier was yellow cake with strawberry filling. We ended up making you spaghetti because pasta is YOUR FAVORITE!!!!  

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