Easter 2017

Magnolia | Waco, Texas

Alicia's Wedding

We took a trip down south to Louisiana over Easter weekend for my sister in laws wedding. She had the wedding at the cutest little chapel and as soon as we left I realized I didn't get pictures of the chapel, bride and bridal party. It was a beautiful wedding and the reception was lots of fun. I was sad when the night ended. 


Jolie's Second Birthday

I had the hardest time this year deciding on a theme for Jolie's Second Birthday Party. I was going to do a Bear theme (she loves Masha & the Bear) at first, but decided to do a puppy party since she's always asking to see the "gogs" when we FaceTime family members. She really does love dogs and Robby and I go back and forth all the time on whether or not we should get a puppy. Last time I got a pet, I got pregnant. So maybe we should get a puppy :)

I added some fun facts about Jolie on the back of our Minted birthday invites for family and friends to read, so I thought adding them here would be great too, since this is kinda like my journal (my journal that I never write in haha). We also have some facts to add since I created these invites a couple months ago. Funny, I was so prepared with invites but didn't feel prepared with party planning. I did get to spend more time with her because of how simple everything was, which was nice. 

I already have a theme picked out for next year which I'm sooo excited about. Gotta enjoy the days when I get to choose the theme, right? Because heaven help me if she ever decides to have a Frozen party. 

I LOVE: Mommy & Daddy, Play Doh, My choo-choo roller coaster I got from Santa, My kitchen set, Bath Time, Rapunzel, Moana, Parks (slides and swings) and animals. Especially "gogs." 

I DISLIKE: Showers, Milk (although she's liking chocolate milk), when someone cries, playing by myself. 

FAVORITE FOOD: Egg Sandwich, Pasta (She loves pasta and butter), Chex Cereal, Pizza, Grilled Cheese, Opicle (popsicle), Yogurt, Fruit, Parmesan Cheese, Ranch dressing, anything sweet and Juice. 

FAVORITE MOVIES: Monters Inc., Finding Nemo (Omnee), Frozen, Polar Express, Moana, Pets and Toy Story. I also like to watch Blippi, Dave & Ava, Super Why!, toy unboxing and egg surprises on Youtube (if mommy could add an emoji, it would be the monkey covering eyes emoji). 

I CAN SAY: My Animal Sounds, Sorry, please, you're welcome, I'm tired, Daddy's at work, where go?, what you doing?, I guess (this kid is hilarious!) My prayers (with help) and say Amen. Note: She is talking in full sentences now. I'm surprised how well she can hold a conversation. 

I CAN: Point to my body parts, Count to 10!, I know the colors- Pink, Red, Gray, Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Green, Orange (she says Oranges), Purple and Brown. I know my shapes, I count to three and throw the ball.