Pumpkin Carving

How is there only a WEEK left of October? Things I'm going to miss: Watching Hocus Pocus on repeat while sipping on one of my new favorite hot drinks (Russian Tea Refresher. So bad. But so good!), pumpkin patches, Idaho's gorgeous fall trees and sweater weather. Things I won't miss: The Halloween Advent Calendar. Why did I buy an elf on the shelf you ask? Because I'm straight up mental. Ha!

I decided to carve pumpkins with Jolie for our family night activity. We (I) carved three of the smaller pumpkins and we're saving the other two for Nana and Pa. Because #momwasntabouttocarvefivepumpkinsbyherself. At first, Jolie said "I don't want to get durty," but she slowly started to touch the seeds and guts very gently with her index finger once I started scooping the guts into the bowl. It wasn't long before she was wrist deep into pumpkin guts. I love how excited she's getting for all things festive!

Me: What did you like most about carving pumpkins?
Jolie: It's slimmyyy!

She even mentioned pumpkin carving in her prayer tonight!